Long-term or short-term storage of various items requires serious investments for maintenance of special premises, equipment, vehicles, staff, etc.

It is much easier to use consignment storage offered by M&TM Freight.

We have warehouses in Hamburg, London, Vilnius, Hong Kong, Istanbul.

Why it could be of great help?

Consignment storage service may be required in different situations. For example, if you plan renovation works in your office or in your house. In this case, you refer to our specialists who will help to disassemble furniture, pack things and transport them to the storage warehouse for the required period.

The services of M&TM Freight may also be needed for companies engaged in cargo transportation. In this case, the customer will not have to rent a warehouse and hire employees.  Any carrier may guarantee his customers reliable storage and due delivery of cargo to anywhere in Russia and worldwide.

How it works

Warehouse consignment storage service assumes the following actions:

  • Conducting negotiations with the client, clarifying the details of the order;
  • Execution of the contract, delivery, sorting and placement of cargo;
  • Measurements, weighing, labelling, packing of the goods if necessary;
  • Preparation of cargo for shipment (in accordance with the final destination).

Consignment storage service by M&TM Freight is:

RELIABLE!  You can be absolutely sure of the integrity and safety of your things. Our employees are responsible for the goods and the logistics system works as accurately as possible! No items will be lost. In addition, warehouses of M&TM Freight (class A) are modern heated premises equipped with all necessary equipment to consign any type of goods.

EFFICIENCY!  Latest technologies and warehouses in Europe make it possible to process orders in a short time and carry out different operations with cargo.

To clarify the cost of consignment storage service and learn more about the service.

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