Current proposition is available in Hong Kong only

A move for you is a time to finally go through your stuff? You don't want movers to pack your stuff? You prefer to take your time to pack, so you can think it through? You might need some storage first, while you are still  pondering about destination?

Then you might prefer to get our move sets, so you can take the relocation at your own pace, and pack as per your standards! ;)

Please see the following options:

A. 5 small boxes, 10 medium boxes, 1 bubble roll, 3 tape

B. 10 small boxes, 20 medium boxes, 10 large boxes, 3 bubble rolls, 8 tapes

C. liftvan for boxes and small furniture, includes 1 smaller hard box, 10 tapes, 5 bubble rolls, 25 boxes

D. liftvan for boxes and a bit more furniture, includes 1 bigger hard box, 20 tapes, 10 bubble rolls, 50 boxes

As part of the move, we will supply complimentary marker (2), T shirt M&TM,  packing list draft and pick up to our warehouse during work days/ hours!


Box for pictures
Craft paper
Thin paper

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