For more than 25 years, M&TM Freight has obtained significant experience in diversified moves, acquired reliable partners around the world and many grateful customers. If you need reliability, high level of service and favorable prices, M&TM Freight is a right partner. 

M&TM Freight offers international transportation of personal things worldwide whether it an apartment or office move. 

Employees of the company are ready to help you in any situation: VIP moving to a permanent residence in another country, temporary departure for training / work or office move for the company. 

We cooperate with the world’s largest transport companies and therefore the international transportation of personal items is carried out at a high level in the shortest possible time. 

M&TM Freight provides transportation of personal belongings to and from any around the world. 

Deliveries can be made accordingly from door to door, which  means that we take complete responsibility for the safety of your property and offer the most comprehensive list of services related to international moves. 

International moving includes the following services:

We will prepare your personal belongings for the move: disassemble your furniture, take down shelves, posters, pictures, etc.

Packing of personal belongings, labeling, if necessary storage of your goods in our warehouse.

Customs clearance (or advice on customs clearance), preparation of documents.

The choice of the route of transportation, the selection of the optimal transport for moving.

Tracking of move or escort (if necessary)

Help in assembling furniture, arranging (providing temporary one, if necessary).

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