Consolidated cargo shipping

Groupage or consolidated cargo is one of the priority activities of our company. We provide very favorable conditions to work with us due to the presence of their warehouses in Europe, weekly significant freight volumes, a substantial material base, professional and experienced personnel. 

International air transportation

If you need fast delivery of cargo, air freight is probably the best way to solve this problem. Despite the strong assumption, that air freights are too expensive, increasing costs, M&TM Freight focuses on the requirements of the customer, trying to make this service more affordable. We rely on years of experience and wide international relationships. 

Multimodal freight

No matter how far is the destination we will find the opportunity to make the optimal route of delivery. This is achieved spent over 25 years of logistics and extensive international connections. 

Commercial cargo transportation in Europe

M&TM Freight has huge experience in organizing freight in Europe. Whether it is intercity transportation, office or apartment… 

Oversized cargo transportation

Delivery of standard cargo for any distance practically does not cause difficulties either by the sender or by the carrier.… 

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