When transporting cargo, every detail is important, but the correct issuance of documents is the key to the successful cargo transportation.  If waybills are issued incorrectly it may cause conflict with the traffic police, as well as with tax authorities.

Issue shipping documents for trucking competently!

To track all the legal developments, rules for issuing way-bills depending on particular characteristics of the cargo is not always possible and easy. Therefore, to avoid serious troubles, it is always better to trust the issuance of shipping documents to the professionals of M&TM Freight.

What are the benefits of issuing shipping documents for the cargo in M&TM Freight?

M&TM Freight offers issuance of shipping documents for each delivery, taking into account the Customer’s application and in accordance with the current regulatory documents.

Only one thing left to perform by the client – to certify the prepared shipping docs with his signature and stamp.

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