We offer you various means of delivery at economically beneficial rates and within the acceptable period of time.

"Distance does not matter"

New Silk Road is nearly as fast as air transport and twice as fast as transport by sea.
Consolidated storage in Shanghai and Hong-Kong by new railway Silk Road allows for distribution and dispatch of freight from China to Europe.
FCL and LCL dispatches from East to West, from China to Europe, and from Europe to China by the same transport.

The international carriage of goods, logistics

LLC M&TM Freight is an international freight forwarding company founded in 1995 in Moscow. It is engaged in organisation of import and export transportations. The company’s main purpose is to provide assistance to clients in export and import operations. M&TM Freight has been a BIFA member since 2001.

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International transportation of personal things, relocation

International freight forwarding company LLC M&TM Freight was founded in Moscow in 1995. Since then the company has been engaged in organisation of transportation of personal belongings by road, air, railway and sea transport, the company carries out export and imports, customs clearance operations, arranges insurance and storage as well as other accompanying services. M&TM Freight has been an IAM member since 2002.

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Commercial transportation

Company "M&TM Freight" has a considerable experience in organization of transportations within Russia. Be it long distance transportation, office, apartment or holiday travel in Moscow - the existence of serious material base and the work is time-tested employees guarantee reliability, quality and prompt solution to your problem!

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Why us? The reason why we are chosen for more than 20 years

Comprehensive solution for our clients

One of the key aspects of our operation is to help our clients in export and import transportation including the entire service.

Flexible rate, individual approach to each client

Flexible system of rate calculation, control of freight movement and timely provision of information of its transit status allows us to ensure individual approach to each of our clients. It is important to us to build long term relations with our clients.

Wide network of agents and partners

M&TM Freight is in direct agency contractual relations with well-known shipping companies, air and motor transportation carriers.

Office and storage facilities in Europe

To provide high a level of service the company has opened its offices and storage facilities in UK (1998), Hamburg (2010), Vilnius (2015), Minsk (2017).

FAQ Frequently asked questions

  • Our company wants to move but we don't know yet how many things exactly we will move. What should we do?
    In this case you only pay for the amount of work that was performed. And when you call we will be happy to see you as our corporate client.
  • Can I transfer the office without stopping of the working process?
    Of course, Yes! In the evaluation conducted by our specialist, he will take into account all your wishes and develop a plan of relocation that will not disrupt your employees. In advance, we will deliver to you special cardboard boxes for self-packing of personal belongings of your employees, and in the evening, after the end of the day, you will have our special team that will conduct the disassembly and packaging of furniture, archived folders and other office items. At weekends, all your belongings will be delivered to the new address, equipment unpacked, furniture assembled and placed according to the plan, and the archive will be unpacked and placed the same as was in the old place. Monday your employees back to work as the old place. If the number of your employees are so great, you can move departments that will not break the company. Our specialists in any case will develop an optimal algorithm of moving.
  • You can change the cost of the move?
    While maintaining all the conditions stipulated in the evaluation, of course not! And say more if the final calculation after execution of the work scope of your property will be less – price reduced! And even if you do decide to pick up a couple of tables, the cost will remain the same, but with a significant increase in, for example, when a country moving you can count on a significant discount!
  • Is it possible to estimate the cost by the phone?
    With a slight amount, no more than 5 jobs, we may respond to you by phone, but in any case it is better to call the Manager to assess, because this service is completely free and does not oblige you. When assessing by phone Manager, as a rule, lays in the cost of all possible risks, whereby the cost can be too high, or alternatively calls the price is much lower then hoping to get the client more money.

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