Land, sea, multimodal freight

Innovative multimodal solutions dedicated for our customers

In addition to organization of consolidated cargo is international road and marine transport operations (or multimodal transport). The basis of our work is the organization and monitoring of all stages of cargo movement from producers to consignee as per your wishes. At the same time, the company's managers will offer you different ways to deliver your goods at appropriate rates and acceptable terms.

Our company collaborates with a wide range of logistic companies and shipping lines as well as warehouses around the world. If necessary we can consolidate several shipments of goods going to one place.

Our advantages

Broad network of partners

We co-operate with a wide network of warehouses worldwide and shipping companies, freight forwarding companies, customs terminals, brokerage and insurance companies.

Responsive approach

We provide an individual approach to each client: we constantly monitor cargo progress and present required advance cargo information, and apply a flexible system for calculating rates.

Technological infrastructure

Our transit warehouses are equipped with all the necessary facilities to ensure quality loading and unloading, palletizing and marking of cargo. At your request we can provide a service that meets the transportation requirements.

Optimal terms

We will choose the most convenient route, taking into account all the features of the cargo accepted for transportation.

Accepting goods without limits on weight and volume

We can accept the goods without limiting its weight and volume and arrange its delivery in compliance with all customer requirements in the shortest possible time.

Reducing costs

Services on delivery of consolidated cargo allows to reduce considerable costs for transportation with use of consolidation warehouses, scattered (dispersed) located) all over the world.

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