Delivery of standard cargo for any distance practically does not cause difficulties either by the sender or by the carrier. Transportation of oversized cargo is a complex process, requiring strict compliance with the rules. M&TM Freight will take care of all issues related to the organization of delivery of oversized dimensions freight to the destination.

What is the peculiarity of transportation?

A cargo is considered as oversized, if the value of at least one of its parameters (width, length, height, and weight) exceeds standard specifications.  Such transportation is considered one of the most complex and it requires special permits, special transport, and carefully designed route.

Cargo which is considered oversized:

  • Construction and agricultural machinery.
  • Structures of metal and reinforced concrete.
  • Machine tools and industrial equipment.
  • Long pipes.
  • Mobile plants, etc.

When organizing the transportation of oversized cargo, it is necessary to follow certain steps:

  1. Professional assessment of cargo (its dimensions, weight).
  2. Selection of the optimal vehicle taking into account peculiarities of oversized cargo and the destination.
  3. Careful development of the route of the vehicle.
  4. Registration and approval of permits for transportation.
  5. The choice of the optimal way of securing cargo.
  6. Cargo escorting if necessary.

Types of transport

Road transportation

Trawls or low-bed trailers are used for such transportation. If cargo has a width of more than 3.5 m (while a standard of 2.5 m) must be escorted by a car of the carrier. Transportation of cargo with a width of more than 4 m requires tracking by the traffic police.

Rail transportation

The cargo weight should not exceed 500 tons, and its dimensions are limited by the size of the railway bridges and tunnels encountered on the route.

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