Cargo insurance brings to preservation of financial stability of business.

Every year millions of people move to other cities and other countries. In this case the choice of a moving company is as a rule in accordance with the financial capabilities of the client and his personal preferences.

Along with small enterprises there are companies which provide VIP service to the customer with a whole range of services related to the move.

What is attractive about VIP services?

Applying to such a company you will be able to organize a rapid move. Usually these companies co-operate with the largest insurance agencies, able to take care of the most valuable things of customers.

The company may insure all property or select a list of particularly expensive items to insure as per request of the client.  This service allows you to protect the client’s goods from loss, theft and damage. The insurance agency guarantees that if a valuable item is stolen, for example, its value will be rewarded for nonpecuniary damage.

How goods can be insured?

Before any house, office or other move, you can arrange insurance for the following classification standards of valuables:

  • Cash and cards with large amount of money;
  • Various documents and credentials;
  • Jewelry, precious stones, collections of postage stamps, coins, medals, as well as all precious metal items;
  • Carpets, furs, tapestries and artwork
  • Rare items, the age of which is not less than 100 years (excluding furniture).

Insurance provisions

The maximum amount of compensation for loss or damage of valuable items is, as a rule, 20% of the sum insured, including its increase by 10%, which is provided to avoid under-insurance.

For customers who have a long moving route with expensive goods, it is highly recommended to purchase a separate policy that protects the personal belongings for the entire moving period. The price of such a policy is about 0.1% of the total amount of insurance.

In case of damage or loss of valuable products, the customer must confirm this fact, for example, through police protocols.

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