To ensure that the goods are not damaged during transportation, packaging is of particular importance.

It is useful to know that, even if your cargo is insured for the period of transportation, in case it is damaged, you may not receive insurance compensation. Why?  Because the insurance company can determine inappropriate or unprofessional packaging as the cause of damage.

M&TM Freight carries out professional packing for cargo any shape or size.

Depending on the nature and volume of your cargo, as well as the type of transportation, the company specialists determine the type and quantity of packaging required for your cargos needs.

Packing material

Accepting the order for the delivery of the goods, the employees of our company specify all the details.

This allows us not only to select the right transport, but also to use the most suitable high-quality packaging material!

The task of packing is to prevent the slightest damage to the cargo during loading and unloading and, of course, delivery.  The type of packaging material directly depends on the nature of the goods and the specifics of their transportation. Its direct task is to prevent cargo damage from mechanical impact and destructive influence of environmental factors.

What materials are used to package the goods?

It can be:

  • Stretch film(plastic wrap)
  • Bubble wrap
  • 5 layered corrugated cardboard sheets and boxes
  • Soft/hard paper
  • Packing tape
  • Foam rubber
  • Polystyrene loose fill
  • A particular packing material of your choosing

It is always better to trust the packing of goods to professionals who are uniquely qualified in the preparation of cargo for transportation.   If the Client has doubts whether to use the packaging material or not, our specialists will give all necessary explanations and consultations.

Correctly assembled packing material is the guarantee of cargo safety.

Even if the goods are handed over to us without any protection or packaging we will advise you to pack the goods properly to preserve its good commercial quality.

Loaders and packers

Loaders and packers of M&TM Freight are responsible, highly qualified specialists, trained to work with different types of cargo and specialized equipment that’s properly unload and load.

Before loading it is necessary to prepare and check the condition of the packaging and if necessary change it, taking into account particular characteristics of the cargo and the way it is to be delivered.

So in our company the work of loaders and packers is held in high esteem, since it affects the result and reputation of our company M&TM Freight.

Special attention is given to the packaging of goods during transportation that’s why we ask you

To trust the packing of cargo and the choice of a particular packaging material used for your goods to protect it in transport.

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