The process of the apartment move carries a lot of difficulties. To avoid them one should deal with professionals. Our experience  in the field of  moving and relocations allows to set such issues promptly and efficiently.

M&TM Freight has 20+ years of experience in home relocation. This means we can effectively answer any question or tackle any problem considering housing details.

Our employees carry out all necessary procedures to arrange comfort and safe removal to a new place.

What is important to consider?

  • After application receipt our specialist are sent to estimate the scope of work. The employee will oversee your order from the first stage to the last.
  • After an estimate we draft a budgeting plan and make up a contract.
  • Home removal considers each detail including elevator presence / number of hours for the rental car / packing material prices, etc.

Why Us?

  1. M&TM Freight services cover all stages of relocation – from application receipt to cleaning operations.
  2. Our employees take full responsibility and thus minimize the risks of property damage.
  3. Positive feedback from customers is evidence of our working policy.

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