Transportation of property necessary for living in the country requires the responsible approach of employees and the necessary material resources. The company M&TM Freight has everything necessary for a comfortable and efficient dacha move.

M&TM Freight company has everything to ensure a comfortable relocation to a country house. We possess both required equipment and responsible staff.

There are some features in transportation of things necessary for living or indispensable in the economy. It includes criteria such as state of roads and fragility of some objects. For security purposes we use carton and bubble wrap for packaging.

What includes private moving cost?

Sometimes country house relocation takes distances longer than within a city. Unsatisfying state of roads aggravates the situation and influence the time of transportation. Lots of things require extremely cautious attitude, especially oversized cargo, that raise a total cost.

Based on all above factors we calculate a final value of transportation.

We arrange moving to any destination.

Advantages of co-operation with M&TM Freight:

  1. Own vehicle fleet and material-handling equipment
  2. Short time frames of paperwork and transportation
  3. Guaranteed safety of a property
  4. Modest prices

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