Warehouse storage services

M&TM Freight is pleased to offer you services for consignment storage of your goods and personal belongings. Our warehouse is ideal for temporary or permanent storage of your belongings, equipment or cargo.

At any time you can pick up any part of your cargo or order a delivery service.

Our warehouse is ideal space for temporary or permanent storage for your belongings, equipment or cargo.

All goods and cargo will be carefully packed in our warehouse to avoid damage and dust.

Our warehouse of class A:

  • Latest technology
  • Total area 12000 sq. m. (or 129600 sq. foot)
  • 24 hour security
  • Anti-dust surfaces
  • Possibility to store: loose / on pallets / in racking
  • 7 cross docks
  • Short term or long-term storage
  • Flexible prices

We are glad to co-operate with both private individuals and companies. Consignment storage services may be required in different situations. Suppose your apartment or cottage is scheduled for repair, our experts will help you dismantle furniture, pack your goods and bring them to the warehouse for storage.

When your office is moving or under repair, consignment storage services are in high demand!

You should not worry about the safety of your cargo or equipment, our warehouse is equipped for your storage needs.


Call us and the manager will immediately make an estimate of your cargo and make up a contract for your consignment storage.

If necessary, employees of our company will disassemble your equipment, furniture, packaging and labelling your goods.

We’ll draw up all the necessary documentation (delivery and acceptance certificates)

We’ll transport your goods or equipment to our warehouse

We’ll unload and place for storage

You may always collect your items from the warehouse or use our delivery service.

Warehouse storage services M&TM Freight is an ideal option for companies providing cargo transportation services. You do not have to rent your own warehouse and hire employees. With our facilities we are ready to help you to deliver your cargo to any city in Russia or anywhere in the world.

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