Groupage vrachtvervoer

Our advantages

Reducing costs

Service delivery of cargoes allows to significantly reduce transportation costs with the use of consolidation warehouses scattered around the world.

Accept the goods without restriction of weight and volume

We can accept the goods without limitation of its weight and volume and to arrange for its delivery in compliance with all customer requirements in the shortest time

Optimum and flexible prices

We will choose the most convenient time and prices route and method of transportation, considering all the features of the cargo accepted by us for carriage.

The extensive network of

We cooperate with a wide network of warehouse resources and shipping companies, forwarding aviation and Maritime companies, customs terminals and brokerage institutions and insurance companies.

Modern technical equipment

Our transit warehouses equipped with all necessary technical means to ensure quality loading and unloading, palletizing and labeling of goods. At Your request, we can provide packing of the goods that meets the requirements of transportation.

A flexible approach

Flexible system of calculating the rates, and constant control over the movement of goods and timely information on the status of the transit allows us to provide individual approach to each client.

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