Opening a new office in Belarus

 22 years we are making far away within your reach! 

Within the last two years  international freight forwarding company   M&TM Freight established new offices in Lithuania, Vilnius (2015)   and in Belarus,  Minsk (2017).

To secure high level operations services we continue to expand our presence in European market.

Belarus is at the crossroads of the main routes from Western Europe to Russia, and from the Black Sea coast to the Baltic countries, so we decided to expand the geography of our offices and open an office in Belarus.

Our new office in Minsk is conveniently located in the close proximity to the customs terminal, has all the necessary conditions for storage, transportation and prompt processing of your goods. The protected building is equipped with modern storage facilities. The advantageous location of the office allows you to fulfill your order as soon as possible.

Now we are in Belarus: Minsk, str.Kulmana 9, tel: + 375 173880618,


With warehouses in Russia, Germany and Great Britain, Lithuania and Belarus,  consolidated warehouses all over the world,  M&TM Freight can offer the customers safe storage, take care of packing, order picking, communications, customs clearance, etc. and  can guarantee a delivery according to the thoroughly worked out plan without any trouble or force majeure.


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+7 495 2680211, str. Vishnevaya, bld.1, BC “Imperial Park”, Moscow, Russia

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