Consolidated shipping from Europe to Moscow

Timely transportation of goods to Russia guarantees business development and stable profit. There are many companies that provide services for the transportation of goods, and you should only trust trusted and reliable partners.

Since 1995, our company has been carrying out consolidated cargo transportation throughout the world. Transportation can be carried out in the way that will be most suitable for the client.

It is also worth noting that, using the services of the company, the customer will not need to worry about customs clearance, security and timely delivery of the goods. After the conclusion of the contract, the company assumes all the problems.

The benefits of working with us

When transporting cargo from Europe to Russia, experts lay the best route, which will save time and money of the customer. Depending on the distance and time of delivery, the optimal type of transport is selected. The cost of transportation to the russian cities depends also on the choice of transport. Cargo transportation is carried out by different types: by vehicle, by train, by aircraft.

The type of transport determines the cost of the service provided. The most advantageous delivery option is considered to be motor transport, since the car can reach any point in Europe. This method of delivery is convenient for those goods that are not subject to damage. For transportation of fresh food it is better to use a faster delivery option – train or plane.

To use the services of the company, just leave a request on our website. After submitting the application, specialists will contact you to clarify all the nuances and peculiarities of the upcoming delivery. For each client we have an individual approach, but the main thing is that the customer is satisfied. Proper preparation of the route, customs clearance documents and other services allow the customer not to worry about all the nuances of cargo transportation.

Any transportation of cargo must undergo mandatory customs clearance. The procedure of registration of documents may be delayed for a long time, but if you use the services of the company, then all permits for international shipping to Russia will be received as soon as possible.

After signing the contract, our company is engaged in logistics of cargo, drawing up the optimal route and selection of transport in accordance with the requirements of the client. This option of transportation of goods is convenient and profitable. It should be noted that after signing the contract, the carrier company is fully responsible for the cargo, and the preparatory measures are no longer the concern of the customer.

All transport provided by our company meets generally accepted strict European requirements and standards, so timely delivery is ensured. For many years of work in the field of transportation of goods and customs clearance, the company has won the recognition and trust of customers. If you urgently need transportation of groupage cargo to Russia, then you will not find a better business partner!

European products in the Russian market are enjoying steady popularity, as they are of high quality and reasonable cost. Therefore, the timely transportation of goods will always be in demand.

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    This price proposal provides delivery to M&TM Freifght’s terminal in Moscow, includes 1 day for cargo handling and customs clearing. Each additional day 150 € is charged. Prices are based on the following conditions: 1 m³ = 260 kg, 1 linear metre = 6 m³, 1 pallet = 2.5 m³ = 1 m²) Rates are valid for normal and safe general cargo Oversize load is an item of cargo which exceeds dimensions of 1.2 x 0.8 x 1.8 m or weight of 1.5 t, or a package more than 50 kg.

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