Cargo storage

This service helps customers to have 100% confidence in the safety of cargo, to receive full information on cargo real-time traffic map  in real time, as well as to manage  the goods even when in another city or country.

M&TM Freight  offers a wide range of services for  Consignment storage of your cargo, which includes:

  • Storage
  • Loading / unloading
  • Sorting
  • Formation of cargo consignments
  • Packaging and palletizing of goods
  • Marking
  • Delivery of cargo to third parties at the request of the client
  • Computer stock recording: arrival and  departure of cargoes
  • Provision of itinerary of cargo movements.

As a complementary service we offer our clients to deliver cargo from the warehouse to any parts of the world.


One of the important benefits to  cooperate with us:

  • Qualified personnel,
  • Convenient location of the warehouse – roadside installation
  • Entry into the territory: free (except for transport with a TIR carnet).
  • Class A warehouse
  • 7 cross-docks
  • Security 24 hours a day
  • More than 500 sq.m.
  • Anti-dust coating
  • Use of the latest technologies
  • Qualified personnel
  • Flexible price policy
  • Possibility of cargo storage: in boxes, on pallets,  on the shelves


Experience - the company operates since 1995 in the field of international relocation.

High-quality packing materials, skilled packers employees work in the company for many years.

A large number of professional and reliable partners in different countries, allows employees M&TM Freight quickly organize international relocation, both private and corporate clients.

The company M&TM Freight is a member of international associations BIFA, С5С, IAM, GLOBAL FREIGHT ALLIANCE, and regularly participates in international exhibitions and forums.

Offices and modern warehouse facilities in Moscow, St.-Petersburg, Minsk, Vilnius, Hamburg and London.

Favorable conditions of cooperation, individual approach to each client.

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